With the new all-electric ENYAQ iV, ŠKODA offers an SUV with an attractive interior and a wide range of intelligent and innovative functions that can be operated intuitively.

A prominent interior feature is the 13" ultra-thin infotainment touch display by BHTC. Equipped with capacitive touch technology, it provides a very user-friendly interface for adjusting vehicle functions such as climate, navigation, and safety-relevant assistance systems.

To further increase ease of use, a proximity sensor detects the user's finger approaching and visually highlights certain areas of the display, for instance by magnifying essential icons.

A swipe gesture-based, contactless scrolling of screen contents is enabled by a BHTC-developed proprietary sensor system.

The separate slider bar below the display can be used to conveniently control the volume, seat heating, and air conditioning by both slide and touch inputs. As part of the navigation system, map sections can be enlarged as needed. The wrist rest in the dashboard area allows for an ergonomically optimized screen operation.

To top it all off, the ENYAQ iV is equipped with ŠKODA Connect enabling the driver to pair their smartphone with the vehicle and access a range of ŠKODA online services.

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