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Shanghai, China

BHTC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

A metropolitan city that combines traditional Chinese culture with modernity and is also the largest trade and financial center in China. Many Chinese and foreign corporations have settled in the city on account of its advanced transport and communication system. This has led to the formation of a large international community characterized by friendliness, cosmopolitanism, and diversity.

BHTC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is located in the Xinzhuang Industry Park, Minhang, Shanghai. As one of the global plants for development, production and sales, BHTC owns two buildings with a total area of approx. 15,000 m┬▓ where around 500 employees manufacture HMI technologies, climate control panels, black boxes and power electronics for our global customers. Our excellently qualified and highly motivated staff is the key to our success.

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Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
868 Guangzhong Road, Xinzhuang Industry Park,
Minhang, Shanghai 201108, China

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