With the new eMacan, Porsche presents an all-electric SUV that combines sportiness and sustainability. In addition to its impressive performance and range, the eMacan also offers a high-quality and comfortable interior that leaves nothing to be desired.
One of the highlights is the redesigned climate control panel in the center console and the rear.

While touchscreens and digital interfaces are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern interiors, physical buttons offer tangible benefits, particularly in terms of ease of use and minimizing distractions.
As the main climate control functions are accessible via dedicated buttons, the driver can make adjustments without taking their eyes off the road, increasing safety and comfort.
The climate control panel in the new eMacan combines classic mechanical buttons with a haptic surface, creating a perfect balance between tactile feedback and the modern, display-based interior.

The panel developed by BHTC offers a high-quality, elegant design that characterizes the overall aesthetics of the vehicle interior.