BHTC Location

Lippstadt, Germany

BHTC is headquartered in Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia.


Lippstadt with about 73,000 inhabitants is the largest town in the Soest administration district. Lippstadt is about 60 km east of Dortmund, 40 km south of Bielefeld and 30 km west of Paderborn and therefore has a very good infrastructure.

The town is embedded in a beautiful landscape and offers a wide selection of attractions – cultural events, a beautiful historic district with numerous restaurants and pubs, lots of different sports facilities, water sports in particular. In addition, the town is well-known for festivals such as the Herbstwoche (a 9-day fun fair in the fall), the Rathausplatzfestival (Town Hall Square Festival in the summer with live music) and the Altstadtfest (Historic District Festival). Lippstadt, which is criss-crossed by the River Lippe and thus also known as the “Venice of Westphalia”, offers varied natural environments and opportunities for relaxation on land and water in every season.

This is where the headquarters of BHTC, founded in 1999, is located. Lippstadt is an attractive place for business, characterized by technology and electronics. The automotive supply industry is the key element in this. Here, BHTC produces pioneering HMI operating elements as well as complex climate operating and control units for the top international vehicle manufacturers. The entire value creation process takes place at headquarters, from development through production to sales.

The headquarters stands out through an open and pleasant working atmosphere characterized by trusting teamwork, clear communication and a respectful attitude. Because that is who we are – a closely knit team!

Hansastraße 40
59557 Lippstadt

Phone: +49-2941-66-6000
Fax: + 49-2941-66-6001

The rhythm of pride

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