BHTC Location

Tampere, Finland

BHTC Finland Oy

With approx. 500,000 residents, the Tampere region is the second largest urban area in Finland. Compared with larger cities, Tampere has a huge variety of high-quality research, training, and talent institutions in the form of universities to offer.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, the Tampere region is a traditional center of Finnish industry. These days, the region is best known for high-tech expertise and comprehensive know-how in many areas.

In 2017, BHTC expanded its global presence in the form of a research and development center in Tampere. This location makes a crucial contribution to the development of HMI solutions for the entire BHTC Group.

BHTC Finland Oy
Insinöörinkatu 41
33720 Tampere