BHTC Location

San José, CA, USA

early recognized the potential of combining our innovative strength with outside breakthrough technologies to set new trends for the interior of the future.

As part of the BHTC’s R&D, our open innovation team focuses on both global trends and technology scouting as well as facilitating long-term partnerships between startups and our development teams in Germany and Finland, and other business units.

Who we are

Established at the beginning of 2018, BHTC’s Silicon Valley office is located in the heart of a buzzing innovation ecosystem alongside top companies such as Google, Apple, and Cisco Systems as well as renowned universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Intending to keep an ear to the ground and stay a step ahead when it comes to advancements in HMI technologies, BHTC is partnering up with startups both locally and globally.

What we are looking for

We are seeking startups with innovative solutions relevant to HMI technologies, automotive interiors, and comfort.
Moreover, we are looking for startup technologies, products, or services that can make a significant contribution to BHTC’s factories and processes.

We are intrigued by technologies and use cases from all industries that nobody in automotive has thought about yet!

Why partner with us?

Innovation is in our DNA:

We are an innovation leader in the areas of climate control, thermal management and HMI for the automotive industry. Questioning the status quo is our MO (modus operandi).

Keep things moving:

We know how crucial time is for startups. Due to our small team sizes and short lines of communication we are able to review and communicate next steps in short amounts of time.

Automotive market access:

You want to move into the automotive industry but no idea how? Having a reliable Tier 1 supplier such as BHTC as your partner is key and you can benefit from our broad automotive OEM customer base.

Automotive R&D and manufacturing expertise:

By partnering up with us, we can help you navigate automotive requirements and find the best solutions together.


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