Therefore, we strongly focus on exchanging know-how already at an early stage and on integrating our suppliers closely into our business processes. Thus we increase our mutual innovative potential and provide excellent customer support. From our corporate headquarters in Lippstadt, we work through an internationally focused purchasing structure: the responsibility for our requirements with respect to quality and collaboration and our general contracts lies with the central headquarter; local purchasing organizations are established on a decentralized basis in the BHTC companies in the USA (Detroit), in China (Shanghai) and in India (Pune), and they work with both local and international suppliers.

Our purchasing portfolio includes:

  • Machines and equipment
  • Services
  • Raw materials and supplies


Contract Principles:

BHTC Quality Requirements for Suppliers
Purchasing Conditions
Packing and Logistics Policy
Procedure Description WEB-EDI
Code of Conduct for Supplier and Service Providers of the BHTC Group
Delivery Regulation for Order Processing

Our goals and requirements


  • Collaboration with regional and global partners
  • Establishment of an international supplier structure

Innovation partnering

  • Close, partnership-based and long-term working relationships with our suppliers
  • Active and early integration of suppliers into the innovation process
  • Joint development of future-driven solutions and products

Intensive collaboration on quality

  • Joint focus on quality – from the start of a project until the end of series production
  • Series manufacture of mature and robust products
  • Class A qualification for suppliers

Basic requirements for collaboration

  • Certification in accordance with IATF 16949:2016 or DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11
  • Environmental management system based on EMAS or DIN EN 14001:2015-11
  • Modern logistics requirements such as JIT, STS, STL, KANBAN, external E-Kanban (Vendor Managed Inventory), consignment stocks