It is essential for BHTC and its successful corporate development that we implement our objectives on the basis of ethical principles in accordance with the rules of applicable law.

The Compliance Management System of the BHTC Group

The Compliance Management System of the BHTC Group and the company-wide applicable Code of Conduct with its defined behavioural guidelines do form a binding global framework for promoting compliant behaviour.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers of the BHTC Group contains binding rules of conduct to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical principles in our supply chain PDF Download .

As a basis for effective implementation of external and internal requirements, the compliance management system inter alia serves the purpose to reduce compliance risks and prevent violations of rules.

The digital Whistleblowing System of the BHTC Group

Compliance with rules of conduct is ensured within the companies of the BHTC Group and departments by means of various prevention and control measures, which also include the possibility of reporting non-compliant behaviour via the company-wide digital Whistleblowing System.

Via the digital Whistleblowing System, employees, business partners and other third parties have the opportunity to report violations of laws and company regulations at any time - regardless of whether it relates to misconduct within the BHTC Group or along the supply chain.

Information on the Digital Whistleblowing System (External Rules of Procedures)

Submit a report via the BHTC Whistleblowing System