BHTC Location

Novi, MI, USA

located in the Detroit area


Spectacular landscapes, breathtaking lakes, and the proximity to the Niagara Falls make this place special. But the Detroit area also has a lot to offer in terms of business. It is the location of various international companies and is considered the Mecca of the American automotive industry.

After having moved premises, BHTC Inc. opened its doors at the new Business Center in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, Michigan, on February 1, 2018. We are thus guaranteeing the development of innovative products at the heart of the US automotive industry. Working in a creative environment and making use of a high-tech testing laboratory spur our employees on to top performances. Our aim is to satisfy our employees and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol, Inc.
39625 Lewis Drive, Suite 300
48337 Novi, Michigan, USA