BHTC received the Supplier Award in the "Innovation & Technology" category at the Volkswagen Group Award ceremony held at the "Motorwerk Berlin" on 28 June 2017. In particular, the award honored outstanding achievements such as innovative strength, product quality, development expertise, sustainability and professional project management, all of which contributed to the success of Volkswagen AG. BHTC's role as a guide to innovative and cost-optimised display and operating elements was particularly highlighted. With the functional development of the haptic feedback in the Central Information Display of the new Audi A6, BHTC, from VW's point of view, has once again impressively demonstrated its visionary innovative strength in the cockpit design of the future. In addition, the opening of the plant in Guanajuato, Mexico, was emphasized as an important support for the localization strategy of the Volkswagen Group.

VW invited 270 guests from 25 countries to the award ceremony, 19 of which were selected as top suppliers for their overall corporate performance.

Image source: Volkswagen