On the evening of 11th May 2019, this year's "Innovation Award Lippstadt" was presented. During a festive gala, companies from the Lippstadt region were honored for their own product or process innovations.

BHTC was awarded in the category "Economy" for a “Metal Bar” as an "Innovation in the Center Console".

One focus of BHTC is to design vehicle interiors of the future. Displays are increasingly being used in automotive business. Comfort and infotainment functions are supposed to be centralized and easy to operate.

The “Metal Bar” covers these requirements. It allows the operator to use touch functionality on metal surfaces and generally conductive surfaces. Several fingers can be detected simultaneously on the surface by ultrasound. During operation, there is also a tactile and audible actuation feedback, which gives the operator the feeling of a real pushbutton.

BHTC is proud of another great innovation and is pleased to receive this award.