As a leading HMI company, BHTC has developed a revolutionary round OLED-based central display in collaboration with Samsung that seamlessly combines tradition and cutting-edge technology.
This groundbreaking display technology is found at the heart of the visually impressive interior of the upcoming model family of the new fully electric BMW Mini Cooper.
With a diameter of 24 cm, the touchscreen display is the first of its kind, featuring a slim, frameless design and a premium feel. The OLED display replaces the traditional instrument cluster as well as the onboard monitor and seamlessly integrates their functions into a unified, minimalist user interface. The circular central display offers a completely new and intuitive way to control the infotainment and climate functions of the vehicle with its touchscreen function.
With this purist design of the dashboard, MINI remains true to its classic design while also taking advantage of the latest advances in display technology.
BHTC is proud to have played a key role in the introduction of this innovative technology and looks forward to seeing it in action on the streets.