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Climate Comfort

The guarantee for safe and relaxed driving.

The intelligent BHTC climate control ensures optimal comfort independent of the outside world and the various driving conditions. Our climate applications range from the simple one-zone variant of smaller vehicle classes to four-zone variants in the medium to high-end segment.

Our patented air mass flow control provides complete customisation up to individual seat climate control both in temperature as well as air flow and distribution. Furthermore, the algorithm ensures energy efficient and noise-optimised operation of the climate system.

Thanks to Physio Control® the passengers have the possibility to adapt the individual climate perception to their needs quickly and easily. For this, the occupants can select among various climate styles from the unobtrusive and air draft-free comfort variant up to intense a climate control. 

Innovative climate sensors ensure the complete measurement of all ambient conditions. Additionally, our intelligent math matical models enable us to use of other system parameters (detection of internal system states, opening of new possibilities) to reduce the additional consumption of the climate system while optimising the comfort at the same time.